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Dodger Icons

Iconic Cuteness

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c o m m u n i t y.

Welcome to dodger_icons, my icon community, run by juicydodger. These icons are free, and are welcomed to be used by anyone who wishes to use them, as long as the few rules are acknowledged.

r u l e s.

01. CREDIT juicydodger, please. Feel free to credit the community, dodger_icons.

02. COMMENT when you are taking anything, so I know where my 'art' is and how it is being used. It is also telling me that people like my work - which is a good sign heh. :) Please also tell me WHERE you are going to use my stuff - such as a community, another account than the one you are commenting with, etc. (refer to rule #06 when dealing with a community.)

03. DON'T EDIT, don't edit anything that is plain or has a large amount of free space. Just please - DON'T!

04. DON'T HOTLINK, please upload the icons to your own server as I don't wanna lose my bandwidth and have to create a new photobucket. :(

05. Feel free to nominate anything you like. :) Please just COMMENT if you are. :)

06. DON'T CLAIM ANYTHING AS YOUR OWN because it is impolite, disrespectful and will make me mad! No one appreciates their work 'stolen'.

07. Pretty PRETTY please do NOT use my icons or art or whatever else you find here on anything BUT livejournal. This means NO xanga, greatestlivejournal, etc.

08. Enjoy! =)

o t h e r - i n f o.

Layout Credit: reversescollide, some of the codes were edited by me to suit what I wanted the layout to look like. Check out reversescollide's layouts, they are AWESOME. :)

Resources - coming soon. :) If you find anything used in the community that is rightfully yours, such as textures, brushes, etc. please leave me a comment and I will credit you rightfully. :)

Feel free to FRIEND/JOIN this community. :)